About Carpet AI

Carpet AI has a beautiful story, if you want to know what that story is then stay tuned.

This story goes back to many years ago when a merchant named Abdolhossein Salamat started his business in the textile industry in Isfahan, Iran. To be more accurate, he was born in 1280 and lost his parents when he was a child. He continued his life with his sister and started working from that time, bringing raw materials and goods from other cities to his own city, and by selling them, he provided for his living expenses. After going through a difficult life, he entered the textile industry. According to the elders, he was one of the first founders of this industry in the last 70 years, and finally passed away in 1995.

Now, in the same year, the great grandson of Abdolhossein Salamat named Mahdi is born, and when he was about 20 years old, he entered carpet industry at the invitation of a friend and wrote a CRM system for his company! Because there are a lot of people in carpet industry who are not expert, his friend deceived him and refused to pay the basic salary, which was really cowardly because at this age he can take all the motivation to work from one person.

Now, Mahdi is studying in the field of artificial intelligence and he has a master's degree in business management as well. He says to himself what can he do to be like Abdolhossein salamat and Serve this industry and also prevent scams that occur in this industry. with due attention to experience and knowledge he has gained he is thinking about a comprehensive system that could hold all the information of the carpet industry and on the other hand, make this system so efficient that with the information inside, everyone can find out which companies are or aren’t reliable to do business.

In 1397, Mahdi began to gather all the necessities of a smart business and work on a plan that was in his mind. The result of this work was unveiled at the beginning of 1399 under the title of an intelligent system called Carpet AI. Now the site has come to serve this industry and can multiply the production capacity of carpet industry by finding reliable customers!

If you have a company, it is enough to have only one site and register your information on Carpet AI then you will see that you enter the system processing intelligently and you may get bulk and single order.

If you are a customer, just visit the website and validate the companies by seeing reviews, websites and different designs.