Cleaning candle wax

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Hello every one, how are doing? Quick question, how to get candle out of carpet or rug?

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Hello Amanda. Thanks for choosing Carpet AI.
Place a bag of ice over the stain. This will harden it and solidify it, making it easier to pick off. When it's completely solid, remove and set aside. Then grab a butter knife and chip away at the stain. Getting rid of as much of it as possible prior to actually cleaning it will make the process ultimately more successful. Spray the area with cleaner once the wax is gone. Either a carpet spray or cleaning solvent is fine. If a bit of a stain is left from the dye, rub with rubbing alcohol to remove the color. After applying any solvent, blot with a clean rag and fresh water to remove any leftover residue. Then vacuum the area. This helps to return it to the texture it was originally. Then place a sheet of brown paper bag (not plastic!) over the spot. A bag from the grocery store or a lunch bag will do the job. After that set iron at a warm setting. Do not get it too hot as it will melt the bag. Also, do not use a steam setting. You just want the heat. Iron over the paper bag, slowly. Wax will absorb onto the paper bag and out of the carpet. Then rub any remaining stains with rubbing alcohol and spray the area with carpet spray or a cleaning solvent for good measure.
And finally you are done Amanda! Hope this helps. Good luck.