Cleanig carpets and rugs

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How can we clean carpets and rugs?

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Despite cleaning rugs or any types of carpets seems sort of easy and simple, but sometimes it would be difficult or even it maybe needs some experts!
In fact it depends on what kind of rug we are talking about. In some cases, the rug may worth thousands or even millions of dollars. Actually in these cases, any wrong action for cleaning or washing the rug would completely destroy it.
But if you are talking about some simple cheap carpets, some washing powders available in every market will do the magic!
Your question sounds a lot general to me Amir. Try to go through some more details, then it would be easier to help.
Finally it's note worthy that a "knowledge base" section is going to be applied to Carpet AI which will present some articles extremely useful for you.
Hope this helps. Good luck!