competitors' analysis and identification of export target markets needs to have complete data of each country so at first glance, access to information and statistical resources of countries in various fields and goods is vital to gather information about choosing countries and then try to find the best one. that’s why we should take a look at the statistics and figures of carpet exports and imports, including the amount, value and percentage of growth and value, etc. on Carpet AI.
18906(US Dollar/1000 square meters)
Hong Kong China
16813(US Dollar/1000 square meters)
15592(US Dollar/1000 square meters)

Annually value:

The growth rates of the world trade are a section on carpet ai that we want to explain more about rates of import and export in each country that gives us a good attitude to review the condition of each one to start or not to start business with them. It helps us to know the growth rates of exporting or Importing in countries that it directly is related to our investment in branding, participating in exhibitions and advertisement so we should pay special attention to this part of carpet ai. These statistics has been gathered from reported data of customs of countries.

unit value

row Country name unit value
1 Malta 18906(US Dollar/1000 square meters)
2 Hong Kong 16813(US Dollar/1000 square meters)
3 Canada 15592(US Dollar/1000 square meters)
4 Lesotho 12833(US Dollar/1000 square meters)
5 Thailand 10249(US Dollar/1000 square meters)
6 Australia 9647(US Dollar/1000 square meters)
7 Singapore 6863(US Dollar/1000 square meters)
8 Malaysia 3338(US Dollar/1000 square meters)
9 South Africa 3146(US Dollar/1000 square meters)
10 São Tomé and Príncipe 253000(US Dollar/Tons)
11 Marshall Islands 88000(US Dollar/Tons)
12 Andorra 18923(US Dollar/Tons)
13 Dominica 15500(US Dollar/Tons)
14 Gibraltar 12667(US Dollar/Tons)
15 Curacao 10556(US Dollar/Tons)
16 Venezuela 10333(US Dollar/Tons)
17 Switzerland 10224(US Dollar/Tons)
18 Tonga 9500(US Dollar/Tons)
19 Faroe Islands 9111(US Dollar/Tons)
20 Greenland 8500(US Dollar/Tons)
21 Nicaragua 8250(US Dollar/Tons)
22 Swaziland 8219(US Dollar/Tons)
23 Honduras 7811(US Dollar/Tons)
24 Costa Rica 7496(US Dollar/Tons)
25 El Salvador 7366(US Dollar/Tons)
26 Norway 7241(US Dollar/Tons)
27 Namibia 7225(US Dollar/Tons)
28 Zimbabwe 7222(US Dollar/Tons)
29 Sint Maarten 6667(US Dollar/Tons)
30 Bermuda 6557(US Dollar/Tons)
31 Cayman Islands 6547(US Dollar/Tons)
32 Saint Kitts and Nevis 6529(US Dollar/Tons)
33 Guatemala 6374(US Dollar/Tons)
34 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 6333(US Dollar/Tons)
35 Japan 6330(US Dollar/Tons)
36 Anguilla 6167(US Dollar/Tons)
37 Slovenia 6128(US Dollar/Tons)
38 Uzbekistan 6065(US Dollar/Tons)
39 Estonia 5957(US Dollar/Tons)
40 Mauritius 5915(US Dollar/Tons)
41 Cyprus 5861(US Dollar/Tons)
42 Lithuania 5844(US Dollar/Tons)
43 Iceland 5780(US Dollar/Tons)
44 Ireland 5751(US Dollar/Tons)
45 Denmark 5700(US Dollar/Tons)
46 Antigua and Barbuda 5630(US Dollar/Tons)
47 Latvia 5621(US Dollar/Tons)
48 Finland 5576(US Dollar/Tons)
49 Ecuador 5570(US Dollar/Tons)
50 Turkey 5449(US Dollar/Tons)
51 Austria 5315(US Dollar/Tons)
52 Barbados 5314(US Dollar/Tons)
53 Morocco 5304(US Dollar/Tons)
54 Portugal 5289(US Dollar/Tons)
55 Croatia 5272(US Dollar/Tons)
56 British Virgin Islands 5256(US Dollar/Tons)
57 Georgia 5142(US Dollar/Tons)
58 Serbia 5076(US Dollar/Tons)
59 Aruba 5071(US Dollar/Tons)
60 New Zealand 5065(US Dollar/Tons)
61 Mongolia 5026(US Dollar/Tons)
62 Haiti 5000(US Dollar/Tons)
63 Luxembourg 4840(US Dollar/Tons)
64 Sweden 4817(US Dollar/Tons)
65 Netherlands 4785(US Dollar/Tons)
66 Spain 4778(US Dollar/Tons)
67 Peru 4706(US Dollar/Tons)
68 Italy 4692(US Dollar/Tons)
69 France 4590(US Dollar/Tons)
70 Poland 4500(US Dollar/Tons)
71 China 4479(US Dollar/Tons)
72 Belarus 4460(US Dollar/Tons)
73 Equatorial Guinea 4459(US Dollar/Tons)
74 Armenia 4452(US Dollar/Tons)
75 East Timor 4429(US Dollar/Tons)
76 United States 4426(US Dollar/Tons)
77 United Kingdom 4412(US Dollar/Tons)
78 Taiwan 4390(US Dollar/Tons)
79 Germany 4342(US Dollar/Tons)
80 Palestine 4223(US Dollar/Tons)
81 Democratic Republic of the Congo 4183(US Dollar/Tons)
82 Suriname 4134(US Dollar/Tons)
83 Slovakia 3920(US Dollar/Tons)
84 Hungary 3823(US Dollar/Tons)
85 Belize 3800(US Dollar/Tons)
86 Comoros 3791(US Dollar/Tons)
87 Uruguay 3771(US Dollar/Tons)
88 Bulgaria 3729(US Dollar/Tons)
89 Belgium 3664(US Dollar/Tons)
90 Turkmenistan 3633(US Dollar/Tons)
91 Guyana 3587(US Dollar/Tons)
92 Bolivia 3576(US Dollar/Tons)
93 Cape Verde 3463(US Dollar/Tons)
94 Grenada 3400(US Dollar/Tons)
95 American Samoa 3357(US Dollar/Tons)
96 Togo 3276(US Dollar/Tons)
97 Falkland Islands 3270(US Dollar/Tons)
98 Romania 3238(US Dollar/Tons)
99 Russia 3188(US Dollar/Tons)
100 Brazil 3186(US Dollar/Tons)
101 Bosnia and Herzegovina 3186(US Dollar/Tons)
102 Paraguay 3153(US Dollar/Tons)
103 Algeria 3127(US Dollar/Tons)
104 Greece 3092(US Dollar/Tons)
105 Micronesia 3000(US Dollar/Tons)
106 Argentina 2969(US Dollar/Tons)
107 Sierra Leone 2920(US Dollar/Tons)
108 Guinea 2903(US Dollar/Tons)
109 Djibouti 2903(US Dollar/Tons)
110 North Korea 2853(US Dollar/Tons)
111 Albania 2824(US Dollar/Tons)
112 Niger 2815(US Dollar/Tons)
113 Kazakhstan 2782(US Dollar/Tons)
114 Nigeria 2733(US Dollar/Tons)
115 Macedonia 2724(US Dollar/Tons)
116 Ethiopia 2645(US Dollar/Tons)
117 Sudan 2592(US Dollar/Tons)
118 Jordan 2534(US Dollar/Tons)
119 Syria 2526(US Dollar/Tons)
120 Chad 2514(US Dollar/Tons)
121 Mauritania 2460(US Dollar/Tons)
122 Mali 2423(US Dollar/Tons)
123 Somalia 2411(US Dollar/Tons)
124 Gambia 2387(US Dollar/Tons)
125 Iraq 2371(US Dollar/Tons)
126 South Korea 2304(US Dollar/Tons)
127 Yemen 2201(US Dollar/Tons)
128 Azerbaijan 2175(US Dollar/Tons)
129 Saudi Arabia 2166(US Dollar/Tons)
130 Zambia 2157(US Dollar/Tons)
131 Saint Lucia 2083(US Dollar/Tons)
132 Burundi 2000(US Dollar/Tons)
133 Philippines 1937(US Dollar/Tons)
134 Madagascar 1810(US Dollar/Tons)
135 Kyrgyzstan 1789(US Dollar/Tons)
136 Tunisia 1750(US Dollar/Tons)
137 Chile 1462(US Dollar/Tons)
138 Guinea-Bissau 1091(US Dollar/Tons)
139 Benin 880(US Dollar/Tons)
140 Senegal 546(US Dollar/Tons)
141 Burkina Faso 278(US Dollar/Tons)